Cake Artist | Educator | Happiness Maker 

Hey, there! I’m Jaime, and since 2015, I’ve been serving up smiles to locals and Kardashians alike from Love & Flour in the Merrimack Valley & North Shore. 

Really, I’m just a self-taught cake designer, who is passionate about quality ingredients and hopelessly in love with the art of cake decorating and the joy that it brings. 

Meet Jaime

It’s a statement of fact that you can’t be unhappy when you’re eating cake. 

We Didn’t Choose the Sweet Life. The Sweet Life Chose Us. 

As a teenager, I learned to bake while working at local markets and from the books that topped my wish list every holiday. Years later, when my mom got tired of me taking over her kitchen every weekend to make cakes for family and friends, I knew it was time to cash out my 401k and turn my dreams into a reality.

The truth is I never dreamed I’d experience hundreds of people lining up outside my store to try my cupcakes and French macarons or that I’d be able to play my part in countless weddings and celebrations, but it’s all come true and I am so incredibly grateful. 

Thank you to everyone who has ever graced our doorway and to the ones who continue to choose us day after day. 


The Story of Love & Flour


That’s why we take the time to craft our cakes with only high-quality ingredients, new and complex flavors, and skilled artistry. Seeing the looks on customers' faces as they see their custom cake for the first time or, better yet, when they take that first bite... well, that’s our kind of happiness.  

Love & Flour creates sweet treats for people who care about what's in their food.

As a lifelong DIYer and small business owner, my goals are simple: 

To make cakes that are more than pretty ‒ by using the highest quality ingredients available. 

To give back ‒ by educating fellow aspiring cake artists and small business owners. 

Because I know our wildest, happiest dreams are always, always possible. 


Happiness Really Does Start With Cake.

it’s true what they say

Jaime and the team are the friendliest group of warm-hearted humans, and the cupcakes are LIFE! She even has gluten-free! Thank you for your dope flavors. 

- Merylinda S.